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Marketing analyst

Proactive Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management) and experienced analyst with an aptitude for business development and analysis with attention to detail. Excellent at interpreting data from various sources to drive optimizing improvements.


Work experience

(latest employment)
Marketing Project Manager at and other brands in the TravelCo Nordic group
As Marketing Project Manager at TravelCo Nordic (,,, and, I had the esteemed pleasure to excel with the following daily tasks:
  • Responsible (Product Owner) for web-development of the company's many websites (including,,,, and This included the daily management of 8 developers located in Belarus, daily contact with other suppliers, and the internal coordination of the company's needs and wants in regards to the web-development. In excess to my keen business knowledge and insight into company needs, I also supplied a deeper technical knowledge as I am a former developer with coding-skills and knowhow.
  • Development (programming myself) of a number of digital tools for optimizing and supporting the company's various operations - including a customer survey system for measuring customer satisfaction, and a number of integrations (API's and feeds) to various online advertising platforms (such as Google Ads, Facebook advertising,,, etc.) in order to implement and optimize the company's use of marketing automation.
  • User experience optimization (UX / UEX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) of the company's websites.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) of the company's websites.
  • Marketing analysis and datamining.
  • Advising colleagues about technical optimization of promotional efforts through Google Ads and other online advertising platforms.
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Marketing consultant and analyst at
Reklameafdelingen is a marketing agency that offers itself as "the external marketing department" to other companies who does not have their own in-house marketing department. My tasks at Reklameafdelingen has included:
  • Web-development of customers' websites - including everything from the initial investigation of customers' needs and wants to the actual programming (I am a skilled PHP and MySQL developer).
  • User experience optimization (UX / UEX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) of customers' websites.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) of customers' websites.
  • Configuring and optimizing online advertisement campaigns - including advertisement via Google Ads.
  • Copywriting of advertising texts for customers' websites and other promotional materials.
  • E-mail marketing - execution and optimization of e-mail marketing campaigns through e-mail marketing systems such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.
  • Implementation of Google Analytics tracking on customers' websites.
  • Marketing analysis and datamining.
  • Screenwriting, directing and editing of online video commercials.

Online marketing specialist at and
The online marketing specialist's very exciting and diverse tasks include search engine optimization (SEO), AdWords optimization, and conversion optimization. Basically it is the online marketing specialist's job to:
  • Drive more traffic to the online store.
  • Increase the proportion of webshop-visitors, who actually convert into paying customers.
  • Contribute with knowledge about tracking, data mining and marketing analysis.
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Head of marketing at VVS-Eksperten A/S
Leading the marketing strategy for a rapidly growing trading company, focused on supplying its customers with environmentally friendly plumbing, heating and solar energy products. The company distributes its products both through online sales and through 25 physical stores, located across Denmark. The company's marketing department employs 3 full-time employees and a freelance consultant. The tasks and responsibilities of this exciting employment include:
  • Developing and implementing the company's marketing strategy (branding/positioning), both online and offline.
  • Developing, coordinating and executing the company's marketing plan.
  • Evaluating and optimizing the company's marketing initiatives, which include defining and maintaining marketing scorecards.
  • Responsibility for the company's marketing budget.
  • Negotiating and establishing contracts with marketing-suppliers.
  • Providing marketing-theoretical input for the development of marketing materials, which include providing updated knowledge from i.e. relevant research.
  • Approving advertisements and other marketing materials.
  • Responsibility for the development of marketing analysis.
  • Responsibility for the development of PR-concepts and marketing activities.
  • Responsibility for the execution and continuous optimization of online marketing - including search engine optimization (SEO) and campaigns with Google AdWords, Google AdSense, the Google Display Network and other banner-campaigns.
  • General management of the marketing departments' activities.
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Marketing analyst at eBay Classifieds Group (,, etc.)
The tasks and responsibilities of this very exciting employment include:
  • Responsibility for overall marketing tracking and analysis - with a proactive focus on continuously providing recommendations for optimizing the marketing performance.
  • Defining and maintaining scorecards for the marketing efforts - and reporting on the results of campaigns and other initiatives.
  • Forecasting website traffic and market developments - to serve as basis for both financial budgets and the allocation of company resources.
  • Developing project descriptions and data foundation for optimizing the company's efforts in both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Responsibility for executing (incl. budget responsibility) and optimizing online marketing campaigns, incl. Google AdWords, Google Display Netværk, Google AdSense and banner advertising.
  • Contract negotiations for traffic-cooperation with other large websites.
  • Executive producer (incl. budget responsibility) for the production of online video advertisements.
  • Ensuring that proper tracking is implemented and set up on marketing campaigns, websites and other initiatives - which includes responsibility for the company´s use of Google Analytics, Gemius Traffic and Gemius Explorer.
  • Supporting colleagues from different departments in various topics concerning data manipulation, statistics and analysis.
  • Executing large-scale customer surveys and analyzing/reporting on the results - including responsibility for executing the user-survey called "Net Promoter Score" (NPS)
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2008-2011 Business development and marketing at Volvo Truck Center Danmark A/S
Has been employed in both the aftermarket- and sales-departments. The solved tasks can be described as:
  • Analysis on the performance of the individual branch offices and individual sales representatives - with a focus on proactive improvement.
  • Optimization of the sales department's tools for analysis and reporting, including new proactive ways of evaluating the sales effort.
  • Analysis of work processes and routines - focused on continuous optimization, i.e. by developing and implementing new administrative systems.
  • Continuous development and implementation of new tools for easing the daily routines of salesmen, sales-support-staff and sales management.
  • Marketing and promotion - including initial analysis, activities concerning the marketing-utilization of the company's website (, developing/scheduling campaigns and evaluating/measuring results.
  • Operational promotion - including work on designing printed advertisements and the actual implementation of developed initiatives on the company's website (and performing search engine optimization).
  • Development of concrete initiatives for improving the sales effort, including tools for optimizing yield and sales time (i.e. by improving the qualification of sales leads), pricing strategies, strategies for advising customers on complex products (i.e. handling "choice fatigue"), etc.
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(Unfortunately it is only available in Danish language)
2004-2008 Auto mechanic (apprentice) at SMC-Biler A/S (Volkswagen / Audi)
It is my impression that my time as a blue-collar worker has affected me positively towards an effective, efficient and very solution-focused approach to my current tasks in marketing and business development.

Find a copy of my "crafts certificate" here >>
2001-2003 Self-employed marketing consultant
Focusing mostly on the professional marketing-usability of the Internet, providing services as a self-employed marketing consultant under the business name WebSolut.

The company also provided services related to developing, establishing and operating eBusiness / webstores.

As an external consultant, WebSolut was also active in educating others in "the professional usability of the Internet" and especially "how to operate a business on the internet".
2001-2003 Business and marketing consultant at KGN Erhverv Danmark
Providing consultancy in regards to marketing, distribution, web-shops and company formations. The job also included a certain amount of operational tasks - primarily concerning marketing.

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(Unfortunately it is only available in Danish language)
2001-2001 Developer at Kongsbak Informatik
Selling and developing solutions (primarily websites) for businesses and government institutions, including a large project for publishing research articles from Risø DTU (the National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark).
1999-2000 Development and operations at M-A-X COMPUTERS ApS
Programming and setting up a web-shop. Answering inquiries from customers and handling orders. Logistical work in regards to shipping sold goods. All on the very practical level.


2014-2016 Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management) Aarhus University
The Business Administration programme in Marketing Management (in Danish known as: "HD-A Marketing Management") is a two year part time programme – for professionals who are simultaneously fulltime employees within business administration, marketing and/or sales. The work experience of the students is drawn upon during lectures that focus intently on how theory may be applied in practice.

The purpose of the programme is to equip students with a profile that enables them to fill positions as marketing managers in all types of organizations – regardless of whether the business operates in an international or national market, an industrial market, a government market, or a consumer market.

The programme included the following courses and electives:
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Marketing
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing
  • Applied market analysis
  • Strategic thinking
  • Marketing Communication
  • Innovation management and product policy
  • Managerial accounting in a strategic perspective
  • The leader as a change agent
  • Business economics methodology
  • Project seminar - in which I researched and discussed how a specific (but anonymous) corporation could close (or at least narrow) the widening gap between the accelerating complexity of their markets and their organization’s limited ability to respond – which demands new thinking about marketing capabilities, resilient and free flowing organizations, vigilant leadership and more adaptive business models.
  • Dissertation project - in which I researched and discussed which of its current business units a specific (but anonymous) corporation should keep in its portfolio of business units – evaluated from a parenting perspective.
2015-2015 Strategic thinking at Aarhus University
This course has provided competencies for mastering a wide array of advanced strategy perspectives and models, thus providing the capabilities needed to conceive, formulate and implement strategic decisions for the company – based on a viable business perspective, founded in valid information and analysis.

The course has thereby provided practical skills and tools for:
  • Analyzing an organization’s strategic scenario and forming well-founded proposals for:
    • The strategy content related to the company’s current scenario as well as the intended long-term development.
    • The strategy process and the strategic leadership.
    • How to solve current strategic problems of the company.
  • Choosing appropriate tools for strategy analysis and execution – based on the company’s current scenario and ambitions for the future.

Find my grades here >> (find a translation at the bottom of the page)
2015-2015 Marketing Communication at Aarhus University
This course in strategic marketing communication has provided strengthened competencies for communicating the company’s offering to the outside world – through a holistic approach to planning communications and the execution of an effective dialogue with the market.

The course revolves around branding and corporate communication in all types of companies, operating on consumer markets (B2C) as well as professional markets (B2B), nationally and internationally.
2015-2015 Innovation management and product policy at Aarhus University
This course focuses on the various factors supporting successful innovation and product development – through planning and managing innovation processes, methods and organizational structures. The basis of the course is a market-oriented approach to product development and innovation – and the curriculum includes subject areas such as strategy, organizational development and innovation management. The course has thus provided several practical tools and skills for:
  • Analyzing the organization’s capabilities in regards to product development and innovation – by examining factors related to the market, the competition, the organization and the management.
  • Developing a well-founded proposal for how the company can increase innovation – on the strategic as well as the operational level.
2014-2014 Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Marketing at Aarhus University
This course has provided strengthened competencies for analyzing consumer behavior, especially focused on planning and executing marketing activities - reflected in the demands, interests, values, beliefs and needs of the consumers.

The course’s focus on strengthened insights into consumer demand has also provided several practical tools and skills for identifying and solving challenges related to consumer behavior, in a marketing management perspective.

Thus the course provided important practical skills that are applicable when working as a marketing analyst and especially in working with marketing management, on both a national and international level.

Find my grades here >> (find a translation at the bottom of the page)
2014-2014 Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing at Aarhus University
This course has provided qualifications for solving complex management tasks related to planning marketing activities for business-to-business markets (B2B), nationally and internationally. This is done through a supply chain perspective, which involves the company’s relations to the customers and the suppliers. The curriculum was focusing on:
  • Structures, market characteristics and buyer behavior in B2B markets.
  • Analyzing the company from a supply chain perspective.
  • Strategies for dealing with suppliers.
  • Marketing planning at a strategic level.

Find my grades here >> (find a translation at the bottom of the page)
2014-2014 Applied market analysis at Aarhus University
The art of mastering information technology and data is becoming an increasingly important capability in regards to a company’s marketing efforts – on B2C as well as B2B markets. It is therefore imperative for the company’s success to be able to gather and interpret relevant data – and to be able to use the data proactively in regards to marketing strategy. This exact capability often provides a successful company with its crucial competitive advantage.

The curriculum in this course was focused on providing practical competencies for gathering, analyzing and exploiting market data, which could support the company’s marketing planning – nationally as well as internationally. The course thereby provided the competencies to develop marketing strategies based on data. These competencies are therefore also very applicable when working as a marketing analyst.
2014-2014 Statistics at Business Academy Aarhus
Education in statistics, focusing on the analytical approach to driving proactive optimization of marketing activities. The course provided knowledge on methods and practices of using statistical models and data-gathering methods when performing and interpreting economic analysis. The course has thereby provided some essential practical skills, which are very useful and applicable in the everyday life and work of a marketing analyst. The course provided strengthened skills for working with:
  • Data summaries and descriptive statistics
  • Probability
  • Probability distributions
  • Sampling
  • Stochastic variables
  • Confidence intervals
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Chi-square tests (including goodness-of-fit tests)
  • Analysis of variance
  • Regression analysis (including multiple regression)

Find a copy of my certificate here >> (Danish version)
2013-2013 Business economics at Business Academy Aarhus
Education in business economics, focusing on the strategic management of productivity, costs, and the company's marketing situation. The course provided further strengthened skills for:
  • Identifying, analyzing and solving tasks in the field of business economics.
  • Application and evaluation of economic models, implementation of solutions, and subsequent evaluation of the results.
  • Analysis of the company's situation on the market - including conditions related to demand, competition, production and costs.
  • Selection, evaluation and optimization of the company's marketing mix.
2010-2011 Marketing, economics, sales and management at Business Academy Aarhus
3rd and 4th semester of the AP degree in Marketing Management Programme

The education is solely conducted in English as there are only a few Danish students in the classes - otherwise populated by nationalities from Portugal to Bangladesh. In addition to strengthening language skills, this thereby also improved the understanding of cultural differences and the international focus in general.

Further information about this education can be found here >>

Find a copy of my certificate here >> (English version)
Find a copy of my certificate here >> (Danish version)
2009-2010 Marketing, economics, business law, statistics, entrepreneurship and management at University College Nordjylland
1st and 2nd semester of the AP degree in Marketing Management Programme

Please find abovementioned description of this education, found in the previous paragraph.
2004-2008 Automobile technology and mechanics at Auto College Aalborg

Find a copy of my 'crafts certificate' here >>
1999-2001 Business education at Aalborg Business College
Sales, service, financial management, information technology, mathematics, social studies and business languages (Danish, English and German)

Language skills

Native language / mother tongue.
Fluent in speech and writing.

Has completed an academical education and a course in negotiation skills - both solely conducted in English.
  Norwegian and Swedish
Communicates on a reasonable level.
Basic level in speech and writing.

Not quite impressing abilities. Have, however, been able to communicate with German customers and been able to find needed information in German language (i.e. in relation to diagnosing and repairing German cars).

Would like to improve my German language skills.
  Cultural understanding
It often takes more than language skills to reach a good level of contact across borders - the understanding of cultural differences is equally important!

I have been an active part of exchange programs with such nations as Czech Republic, Austria and Italy. As a guest in these exchange programs, I have experienced the other nations' educational systems and I have been accommodated in private homes - which also provided firsthand experience with the private cultures of the hosting nations. My exchange partners have also been my guests, living with me as a host, while experiencing the Danish educational system.

I have completed an academical education with only a few Danes among the fellow students - in classes populated by nationalities from Portugal to Bangladesh.

It is my impression that these international experiences have given me a good insight to cultural differences - and the significant influence of individual characteristics.


  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc.)
Expert skills.
Good intuitive understanding.
  Analysis tools
Especially in relation to my marketing-experience, I have conducted a lot of analysis. I have, among other things, worked with Google Analytics, gemiusTraffic, gemiusAudience, Google Insights for Search, Google Trends, etc., and in addition; I have also developed my own tools for analysis (depending on the task and project).

During my employment as marketing analyst at eBay, I lead a project to align/update/clean up tracking codes on (including the implementation of Google Analytics and Gemius) to ensure the traffic data quality needed to perform proactive marketing analysis and other business intelligence requirements. Please find a letter of recommendation regarding this work in the "work experience"-section above.
  Graphic design and video editing
Experienced user of Adobe Photoshop - in relation to designing promotional material, printed advertising, websites, etc.

Experienced user of Adobe Premiere and Adobe Premiere Elements - in relation to editing video commercials and producing marketing-related YouTube-videos (the latter is my personal hobby).
Experienced in developing dynamic websites and other web applications, using MySQL, PHP, XML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and various programming tools, including Notepad++ and phpMyAdmin. I code all my scripts/sites by hand. In detail, my skills include:

Web design:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Responsive web design for mobile devices (with the Bootstrap 3 framework)

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • ASP (classic ASP)

Databases and database administration:
  • MySQL
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Microsoft Access

I have, among other things, designed and developed (coded) the entire intranet-based ERP-system, which is today the administrative 'backbone' of the entire sales department at Volvo Truck Center - an effective and efficient tool for handling orders, distributing information, producing statistics and economic benchmarking, etc. I performed all tasks related to architecture and development of this project, including:
  • Analysis of user requirements
  • Translating business requirements into solution architecture
  • Logical and physical database design and modeling
  • Database programming (SQL)
  • Database performance tuning
  • Development of a dynamic user interface, using ASP/SQL connectivity and client-side scripting
  • Development of APIs to interact and exchange data with other systems
  • Development of backup and recovery solutions
Please find a letter of recommendation regarding this work in the "work experience"-section above.

Contact information

You are very welcome to contact marketing analyst Lars Grove Mortensen regarding employment offers and related topics:

Phone: (+45) 25 31 79 01
Personal website:
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